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Sheer Bliss! Yes! I’m back!

‘I’m back?’ …  Well, I can’t make any promises…  ‘Back’ is a promise I just can’t promise to keep…  Life is crazy at the moment…  Crazy, but blissful!  Stevo & I have started our own business, which has been going really really well.  Our baby girl is not so baby anymore…  She’s 6 months old and is a constant source of amazement & amusement (she’s also a little bit challenging…  but don’t tell her I said that…)  Our whole family (yes, all three of us) are home all of the time, which is a challenge in itself, but we’re living in a gorgeous but simple house in a beautifully quiet area with amazing scenery…  Needless to say.  Home life is bliss!  Next on the agenda (well, for me at least – Stevo loves his danishes!):  Join a gym!  It’s time to get back to my pre baby (spending- 2-hours-a-day-at-the-gym) bod.  I’d like to see firm muscle when I accidently catch my reflection, rather than uber soft flesh that has a mind of it’s own…  (She’s going left, hmmm, I might go right…)

But, in saying that, I don’t really know how possible it is…  What mother has 2 hours a day to herself??  Not that I mind…  Motherhood rocks!  I love watching Nylah experience new things each day.  Today, she discovered the doorknob and the legs of the coffee table.  It’s so amazing to watch those little hands, touching, feeling, trying to understand what this thing is!  Her little eyes, looking, searching, wondering.   Her attention.  So fixated, but one noise, and she’s gone.  One giggle from mummy.  One comment by daddy.  It’s over.  We ruined it.  Rats!!

The other day, Stevo walked in the door, abruptly stating ‘I’ve crashed your car.  You’d better come have a look’.  Which I couldn’t do as I was sitting on the couch, bottle in hand, a hungry bub grunting, reaching, willing it into her mouth…  I just sat there.  Stunned.  Then he came in with a laptop.  Plonked it on the couch and said ‘I bought that for you’.  Talk about feeling low & high all at once…  Hmmm… Shouldn’t that have left me in the middle somewhere?  Perhaps in some sort of ‘zen’ state…  I wish.  Instead, I felt angry, happy, resentful, excited, pissed off, stoked and…  stuck!  Stuck with my baby on my lap…  A new laptop, in a box, in front of me.  A crashed car in the driveway that I couldn’t see.  And a frustrated man, pacing the room…  But you know what, and I hate to get all ‘reflective’ on you, but isn’t it moments like that that remind you that you’re alive….  Up until that moment, life was progressing swimmingly.  No complaints.  No excitement.  It just was.  But in an instant.  Everything changed.  All I could do was focus on my baby and her perfect little sighs as she drank her milk.  The simple perfection of a life that has no worries.  No concerns.  No stress.  No pain…  Looking at that serene little face helped to settle me.  She helped me find my ‘zen’.  And (obviously) made me smile…  By the time she’d finished lunch, I wasn’t too worried about the car.  No one was hurt.  Insurance is taking care of the damages…  And my laptop ROCKS!  It’s got an Intel i5!  Woohoo!

…  I wish I had more exciting stories to tell you, but, as you can see, life has been fairly quiet…  But you know what…  I’m not complaining.  Quiet = Bliss!!

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