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An Egyptian Cotton Coccoon

What makes high thread count Egyptian Cotton so divine??  Why is slipping into a bed made with Egyptian Cotton sheets such a perfect end to a long day?  And why is it that men do not understand that simple little pleasure??  Why is my man just as content with a polyester/cotton blend?  How is it that he doesn’t notice the difference?

The other day, my dad did a little bit of painting around our house and needed a drop sheet  – as he’s not so good with paint!  Don’t get me wrong.  He’s good at getting it on the places it has to go, but he’s also good at getting it on the places it isn’t meant to go…  ie, the floors, his hair, his arms, his legs, the brand new pants mum bought him for his trip down here etc…  He gets it everywhere!!  Hence the suit…  Hahah!…

Anyhoo…  Since we’re moving soon and currently have one extra living with us (AND dad staying over at the time) there wasn’t an old spare sheet in sight.  So, I thought it was the perfect opportunity to offer one of our sheets straight off our bed so that I had the excuse to go out that very day & buy a new set of divine, deluxe, soft, expensive Egyptian Cotton sheets!!  Because let’s be honest girls, any excuse to shop will do…  But unfortunately for me, I couldn’t find the perfect sheets!  Because even though I’m a bit of an impulse buyer (I can just see my partner nodding his head enthusiastically), I also won’t settle for anything less than perfection – especially when I’m spending big bucks on sheets with no less than a 500+ thread count.  But, by 3pm, I still hadn’t found the perfect set, so I decided to buy a cheap pair from K-Mart.  They’d at least do for now…  And they could become ‘visitor sheets’ once we’d moved up north…  Well, one night on polyester/cotton and oh my god!  My man slept like a baby.  Me on the other hand…  Well, I slept like a baby with Colic!  I didn’t catch a wink!  All I did was scratch all night!  I was itchy everywhere.  At about 2 in the morning, I found the one sheet that dad hadn’t spilt paint on in the laundry (yes, it’s egyptian cotton) and wrapped myself in it before jumping back into bed.  Finally!!  I got some sleep!!

When Mr Man tried to snuggle up to me at 4:30am I mumbled “you’re not getting in.  I’m in a coccoon.”  He laughed and kept trying…  He thought I was being cute.  But I really was in a coccoon.  An egyptian cotton coccoon & it was all mine!!!

The next day I found some Egyptian Cotton sheets on ebay & bought them straight away.  That was two days ago & they arrived today!!  They are divine!  And I can’t wait to slip into my bed tonight.  And I’m sure my man will be happy that our bed is back to being a coccoon for two because he sure does like to snuggle!!…  Especially during winter!

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  1. * Paul Liddicoat says:


    No less than 500+ count on the Egyptian cotton sheets, hey? J-Lo only demands at least 250 count!! Can I call you E-Mo?? (Damn, that ain’t gonna work at all!!!). So do you demand that all the brown M&Ms be removed from the backstage area when you perform?

    Have fun (and stay warm),

    | Reply Posted 5 years, 4 months ago

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