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Who’s inspiring who??

In the past week, I have had four people tell me that I inspire them.  Four people!!!  That seems like a lot to me….  Especially when my first thought is “WHY??!!”

For some, it’s been due to my blog, for others, it’s related to my current artistic project, whilst one other seems to be inspired merely by the fact that I’m pregnant & still writing & devising & (quite frankly) still dreaming…  (nope…  haven’t given up yet!)

But to me, this seems like nothing.  It’s just what I do, and it’s nowhere near the amount of things I normally tackle at once.  Rehearsing for two shows at a time, working two jobs AND studying to be a personal trainer all at once.  Now THAT was inspiring!  I possibly could’ve even inspired myself, if I wasn’t so tired from being up at 5am & not getting home till 10 at night, 5 days a week as well as 8 hours study on a Saturday & rehearsals on a Sunday…

So, obviously, hearing those words in recent times has led me to think ‘but I’m no-one & I’m doing nothing’.  I mean…  Let’s be real here!  I’m still (6 years on) struggling with my own dreams & wishes & goals.  I find it so hard to see them ever coming to fruition (maybe I think I don’t deserve them, maybe I’m not good enough) but in regards to others & their goals, I can see them being achieved so clearly.  I have such high aspirations for others & their goals.  I can see my partner studying something that inspires him to live the life he deserves.  I can see my sister being a fashion designer, travelling the world with her creations.  I can see a friend of mine in Hollywood with a bulldog & Aston Martin.  I can see another friend on stage with Red Stitch.  I can see all these things happening for all these people, but struggle to see my own dreams coming true…

In expressing this thought to the owner of one of the recent “you inspire me” comments, I received this email in reply:

“Wow.  It amazes me sometimes when you say you don’t understand why people would be inspired by you.  Little you.  Just you.  Someone who’s done nothing (your words) and who is no one (your words).  But how confused you are.  You ARE someone.  You are someone AMAZING.  You don’t take no for an answer.  You decide on something and nothing could possibly stand in your way.  This love of creation is built into you and your character.  You have this energy which outshines everyone else and just says look at me and what I can do.  The love of creation is so great in you.  Think about it.  By instinct.  On complete autopilot.  You are creating the most beautiful creature you could ever imagine.  From within, you knew that this was your next big leap in life.  Soon you will hold this tiny creature in your arms and watch her grow, change, and learn.  She will inspire you. You.  She will be your muse.  You have an amazing talent Emma Moore.  You are someone wonderful.  You have seen many interesting things.  You have created many striking performances.  Everything you tackle you achieve with flying colours.  Your thoughts are now inspiring more and more people everyday.  And you inspire me.  And you should be proud that you have this gift. 

That others can see in you, what they hope to find in themselves, is such a beautiful thing.  Capture it.  Use your gift to create these performances which move, inspire and allow others to dream.  Only then.  Will you fly too.  I write this with tears in my eyes and a tighness in my chest.  I so wish you could see yourself as I do.”

What an amazing email to receive…  My heartfelt thanks to this person.  To this wonderful, amazing person who has affected my life in more ways than she could ever know…  My question now is…  Who’s inspiring who???  Hmm…

Maybe inspiration, support & caring about others is something that comes full circle…  Maybe in giving, you are bound to receive…  I like that thought…  And if not, well I think inspiring others to achieve their dreams may be better than achieving my own.

At least it pays me emotionally, if not financially…  Although I’d certainly like both…

But, my time’s not over yet…  Not by a long shot…

Watch this space, my friends!!!!


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  1. * iquitelikethat says:

    this is probably the sweetest post I’ve ever read. I know from experience it’s very hard to predict your own future! It’s the whole “you can’t open a box with the crowbar inside” type of thing.

    Everyone keep your chins up and I’m sure your dreams will come true in the future, best wishes :)

    | Reply Posted 5 years, 5 months ago

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