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Battle Axe vs Broad Sword – a must read…

It’s been well over a week since my last post…  My reader stats have gone from 120-150 per day, to approximately 50 hits in the last week…  But I haven’t been concerned with that.  I haven’t checked my stats until right now…  (prior to which, it was a daily, sometimes hourly, addiction)…

You may be wondering ‘why the disappearing act?’

Well, there were a few factors, but most of them were small things & not really enough to stop me writing.  The main reason was a comment I received on my last blog.  A comment from someone I know.  A friend, even.  His comment touched me very deeply and I have been unable to shake it.  When I wrote “The Voices Within”, it was not my intention to stir a resting pot.  To be quite honest, I wasn’t expecting a single comment on that blog, seeing as it’s a topic that most try to steer clear of…  But, the comment that I received, shook me so much as to render me unable to blog!  Unable to think about anything but, yet haven’t had the willpower to log into wordpress and approve it (although I have just done so now).  If you want to read the full comment, go to the last post, but for now, here’s an excerpt…  I hope he doesn’t mind my sharing…

“You know that I can be a pretty negative person, whereas I see myself more as realistic than negative. It’s all perception.

I’m sure people have heard the voices before and fought them off but what if the voices don’t stop? Or they come back again and again. To fight the pessimism, you need the right weaponry in your arsenal. Clearly, Emma, you have it – optimism – probably in the guise of some big, bad ass broad sword (I’ve seen you with weapons!) which you wield two handed. I also know that I don’t have a broad sword, only a blunt and broken old battle-axe, which only keeps the voices at arms length. What happens if it breaks? While I’m fighting the only thing worth fighting for with the wrong weapon, I don’t have time for anything or anyone else.

And of course, you can get people to help, and help they do. They come in with their two handed broad sword and it’s done. For now. But what about at 3am when you’re alone in the dark and the monster comes? All I have is the old battle-axe and the fight starts again.

I do wish to have a broad sword like you Emma, but it’s not like you can buy this kind of weaponry at a store, is it?

One time, during a dark moment, I quipped to a friend, “Life’s not for everyone”. Naturally, he talked me down of that ledge, but of late I’m starting to think about that more and more.

I’m starting to think that I’ll never win.”

This comment has really gotten me thinking about the power of the written word (and, in turn, the internet).  I am astounded at the idea that something I’ve written in an online journal (aka blog) has the power to affect someone else so deeply that they then feel inspired to write their story to be published for the world (well, my little blog world, anyway) to see.  It’s quite powerful.  Quite human.  Quite raw.  And quite astonishing…  And I want to thank that person from the bottom of my heart.  It surely wasn’t easy for him to open up and say all that he has said.

My only hope is that he finds that his little old battle axe is actually a beautiful, shining broad sword.  And has been all along.  A mighty sword that he can swing above his head with all his strength and strike fear into the midnight monster’s black little heart…

For, as he himself said, it is all about perception!

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  1. * Nicole Romeyn says:

    Very real, very raw Emma. Your friend knows his own mind – not everyone does, that’s a start. Do you think he would care to try EFT At last I have found the missing link – the cause of the negative emtions is the disruption of the body’s energy – a matter of re-balancing. It’s a process but it works, so much more gentle that other modalities and there is a wealth of information for free. :)xx

    | Reply Posted 5 years, 5 months ago
  2. * Amanda says:

    Everything you write inspires me every day Emma… And I am proud to call you my friend, my family…. The power of what you write is so significant… And that is clearly displayed in your friend’s comments.
    I think he needs to give himself more credit.. It takes a strong character and a “sharp broad sword” to be so intune with himself, and with his thoughts…. Knowing himself is more than most people achieve in their life time..
    Love and Light darling… xxx

    | Reply Posted 5 years, 5 months ago
  3. * Paul Liddicoat says:


    Thanks for stirring the rested pot. Thanks to Nicole and Amanda for their kind words and suggestions. I will look into EFT thanks to you Nicole. Amanda, I will try to give myself more credit (it’s just that I seem to fall down when it comes to making repayments).

    The resting pot…something I tend to find myself with regularly, for a variety of reasons. The problem with a resting pot is that the food dries out, sticks to the bottom and burns to the point where it is wasted. I guess people like you Emma think to stir, but this is where I would move it to the back burner and turn the heat down low. Of course, I ran into the same problem, it just took longer, and would end up with another pot of wasted time.

    Lately though, I have been trying something completely different. I have been taking the pots off the stove and turning the heat off – and what do you know, nothing is burned!! The problem I have now is I have all these pots in my kitchen and am overwhelmed by the sheer number – and nothing is getting cooked!! I’m running out of room and pots are dropping onto the floor so things are still being wasted.

    But then in comes Emmachef, with her big bad ass spoon, and stirs.

    You’re always welcome in my kitchen Emma, but more importantly, thanks for the cookbooks…

    | Reply Posted 5 years, 5 months ago

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